At DataSync, we have taken a close look at mail/collaboration solutions, in particular Zimbra vs Gmail. We discovered that while Gmail has the ability to provide the features necessary for simple users, it lacks robust features small businesses need. Users looking to centralize customer communication find the solution in Zimbra collaboration suite.

When comparing the two mail clients, here is what we discovered with each feature of Zimbra and Gmail:

* Email, Calendar, Contacts – Both Zimbra and Gmail are full featured mail clients, with contact and calendar sharing. However, Zimbra takes it a step further with email message threading in a hierarchical display, as well as drag and drop email, calendar and contacts.

* Mobile Devices – Zimbra has BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) connectivity, as well as syncing with the iPhone. Gmail is able to sync to the iPhone as well, but has no BES connectivity. This is an important distinction, as a large percentage of the US uses a BlackBerry as their preferred mobile device.

* Support – Zimbra provides you with corporate support. Gmail does not, unless you upgrade to the premier edition.

* Open Source – Zimbra is open source, giving you the freedom to take the application into your own hands. Zimbra is an inexpensive, robust solution.

Overall, Gmail provides users with the basics of a mail client but it lacks the features necessary to make a business run more efficiently. The overall advantages of Zimbra vs Gmail make it a compelling offering for businesses large and small. DataSync provides affordable Zimbra hosting services, making it accessible for any business.

Source by Kristen Pittenger