I have been in business for twenty years and I now work mainly from home. I am happy with my life and would not go back to working for someone else. Working from home has offered me the opportunity to manage my own time and to create my own financial freedom.

Making the decision to start my own business was the best decision that I have ever made. I now own a construction company and a network marketing business and I work mainly from home. The time and effort that I invest into my businesses now actually benefits me rather than helping to build up someone else’s financial empire. Working from home means that I no longer spend endless hours and expense commuting daily to work. I use this time efficiently running my business instead.

My health has also improved as I am now more relaxed and am able to manage my time around my own business needs. One big advantage that this offers is being able to take leave to suit my family needs rather than an employer’s needs. I no longer have to worry about taking my holidays around other work colleagues or having difficulty taking time off at short notice. This is particularly ideal when my children come home and announce that they are performing in a school concert or have a sports day. I can now share in all these happy events as I can easily work my hours around them. It is also nice to occasionally to decide on the spur of the moment to spend some quality time with my wife whilst the children are at school. We sometimes just like to go off shopping together or simply enjoy a nice lunch. Working from home actually helps to strengthen our relationship because as well as offering the opportunity to spend recreational time together, my wife also helps out with the business. This is ideal as it gives my wife a welcome break from her usual daily routine without the constraints of working for an employer and it also helps to bond us with a common interest and goals which is rewarding to achieve together.

However it is still important to be able to manage your time effectively and appropriately. This requires a great deal of self discipline. The danger of working from home is that it can be all too easy to work too hard especially as you are constantly near to your office. It is also equally important to stay focused and work enough hours. It can be all too easy to become too relaxed and keep putting off tasks especially when there is nobody supervising you. It is therefore vital to structure your day as much as possible. Achieving the correct balance is paramount to succeeding.

One of the main disadvantages of working from home is that you can become isolated and miss out on social events that are available when you work for an employer and have work colleagues. It is therefore important to allocate time to pursue other social opportunities such as joining a gym or club or simply to enjoy time going out with family and friends. I also find that it helps to join social networking sites where you can share experiences with other people. This is why I have my own network marketing business as it helps me to meet like- minded people who I can share business ideas with and where I can also pick up many new ideas for myself.

If I ever feel a little isolated I tend to vary my surroundings by taking my laptop into different rooms in the house which can also help to motivate me further. I have even been known to sit in my garden weather permitting. This is particularly enjoyable and rewarding.

As with any job working from home can be difficult especially in the beginning when the hours can be long and stress levels are high .However the main difference is that when the hard part is done then at least it is you that is going to reap the rewards and not someone else.

In my experience working from home definitely been a success for me. To succeed you need to be positive, persistent and focused. If you think positive you will achieve positive results. By investing time and energy in yourself you will succeed in achieving your goals. The important thing to know is how to set your goals and having a reason for achieving those goals. Without a reason you will lack the motivation to succeed. Without the passion it will merely remain a dream and not a goal that can be achieved.

As Jane Mc Donald once said on an episode of the “Loose women” on answering how she set her goals she said:

“If you think champagne you will drink champagne!”

Source by Roy J Derrick