First, I'll tell you that I did not earn that much money overnight. It took me patience, persistence, and confidence. Making money from AdSense has, no doubt, gotten challenging over the years probably because advertisers are affected with the economic recession. And it's frustrating when you start out, and after a good amount of hours you haven't made a single dollar you just want to give up. Giving up so quickly isn't going to get anyone anywhere online, as a matter of fact, it won't ever get anyone anywhere in life. The key to running any online business is patience. Remember the saying "patience is a virtue"? Well they weren't joking; patience is what I needed the most to make my money. If I was not patient then I wouldn't be persistent and I wouldn't be making the amount of money that I did. After earning my first single dollar my confidence went up; from that point on I knew that I can make much more if I put more effort to what I was doing.

I bet you're thinking right now enough already just get to the main point. I will get to the point, but I wanted to point out that making a website and expecting money to flow in right away is a fantasy. Most online money makers had to have patience in order to accumulate online wealth. Only scammers will tell you they made money online without previous experience in one night. The internet is huge so if you make a web site then it's a dot in the internet. Just think of a needle in a haystack for your website that was just released. Over time that needle will get bigger in that haystack and it came be noticeable; yeah I know it was corny analogy but hey you should get what I mean.

So how did I do it?

Basically I found blogging and media site combination very effective. Most of my money came from my media section but my blog was the marketing tool. Google search bots cannot read videos because they're media, duh = P; they can only read words so that's why the blog was effective. Now don't quit your day job yet, as a matter of fact don't quit your day job period. It's good to have extra money for you to spend without care. There are hundreds of personal video sites out there and they're not making jack. Most personal video sites rip off YouTube random videos with no focus on targeted topics and they market them as if it's their own, smart right? Well not really, it's kind of lame and any internet user can see that lameness and leave. You can put a collection of videos from YouTube and still visitors will not come and if they do they will not stay on your site for long. When I made my site I had to focus on one topic and keep on generating content around that topic.

What's the procedure I used?

  1. First find a topic, either a niche topic or a topic of your passion and stick to it. For a niche topic you can try "internet marketing", and there are thousands of videos on YouTube about that.
  2. Now search YouTube and find every video regarding that topic.
  3. When you embed YouTube videos on your site, don't embed the YouTube video instead, use a 3rd party video player. You can use LongTail video player and link the YouTube videos through that player. YouTube video player is a bit bulky and LongTail video player is slick and perfect for any blog.
  4. After embedding the YouTube video, underneath the video, blog about it. So basically add a video on your blog post and just write about that video.
  5. In a blog post place the Video on top, right underneath place the big 336 by 280 AdSense ad block, right underneath the ads place the text; and that's all there is to it to the site.

The great part of this is you have the videos already uploaded and it does not require you to kill your server's bandwidth. You can use YouTube's bandwidth as long as you agree with their TOS which is basically to have the YouTube logo displayed while playing the video. You can host your site on a shared dedicated server on a cheap plan and you should be good to go from there.

Now that was the easy part, the hardest part is having patience and marketing. When it comes to marketing you have take time to do that and you have to do it aggressively. Article submissions, forum participation, blog comment participation are the hard part of making money online because it requires patience and persistence to do all that and your results will be dictated by how much effort you put into it. Now you may think why visitors would go to your site if they have YouTube. Well YouTube has millions of videos, if I was a visitor and I found a site with the information I need then I will stick to that site instead of searching through those millions of videos on YouTube site. Think of internet users as lazy people so use that to your advantage and don't give them any reason to go to YouTube's main site.

"YouTube" name is main site is copyright of Google Inc.

Source by Sunny Jay