Google Chrome Netbooks will not be available commercially until the mid of July 2011. However, people have been taking a lot about the benefits and features of these devices. Google also conducted a beta testing, which highlighted some of the reasons why one should buy a Google Chrome Netbook.

Chrome OS is fast: This is something that Google has highlighted repeatedly in the last year. The beta testers also share that they have found the Google Chrome Netbook to be extremely fast and interactive. When you start the Google Chrome Netbook for the first time, you can get started within 60 seconds. For the next time the Google Chrome Netbook will start within 10 seconds. Google also claims that the device will not lose speed over time as most of the data and files are located on the internet instead of the Chromebook itself.

Portability: Portability is another feature highlight by several beta testers. Most of the Chromebook designs are light weight and sleek; so it is easy to carry it anywhere you go. If you do not want to take you Chromebook with you then you can access all your data on the Internet from some other computer using your account and password. No one can access your data until they have your account password.

At a conference revealing the features of Chromebooks, Sudar Pichai, the vice president of Product Management at Google, demonstrated a Chrome OS device and a Windows PC, both open to a page listing the Chrome apps that he had installed. When he uninstalled an app on the Chromebook, it was automatically uninstalled on the Windows PC.

Connectivity: Chromebook should be connected to the Internet to be used. Along with Wi-Fi Chrome Netbooks can also be connected with Verizon’s data network. It becomes very easy to have internet access with the Verizon 3G Network.

Security: Data security is another very notable feature of these Chrome Netbooks. As all the data and files are stored in the Cloud, therefore you will not lose your data even if you lose of break your Chromebook.

The OS of Chromebooks is designed to fight viruses and malware. Since there is nothing on the hard drive of the Chromebook, therefore it is very unlikely for a Chrome Netbook to get a Virus. The system itself updates whenever the user starts the Chromebook and automatically saves the date when the user switches it off.

Source by M Ali Khalid