Urbanload Review – Dropshipping on eBay & My Own Site

Over the past while, I had been expressing an interest to my friends about wanting to get involved with dropshipping on ebay. My problem was I had no knowledge, so they suggested I check out Urbanload.. I soon found out that there was much to learn and discover here, and no doubt my visit to this interesting site would not be short.

My first initial reaction was there was so much to read and research, I almost felt overwhelmed. Then by realizing that this was not just a skim through site, I became more relaxed. I was determined to walk through the site as they were directing.

Being a novice to ebay. the terms dropshipping and creating wholesale customized products were foreign to me. I wasn’t quite sure what this site was really offering. The one line I did understand though, was about making money at home without having to have an inventory. This is was convinced me to stay a little longer. Finally after scrolling down the page a bit, I found a very simplified answer that told me what Urbanload was all about. Now I could begin to understand the rest of the material on the site. Although there was a great deal of it.

I figured if I walked through the site following the links the way they were navigating me, I would be in a better position to absorb the information. So I started with the “learn more” link on the front page. I wasn’t sure to use this link or the “lets get started” link. In the end ,I discovered they both took me to the same page, so it didn’t matter.

At this location I was immediately being directed to another location. I chose to stay on this page as I felt like I was getting confused from all the navigation. For my personal needs this was the right move. This page answered all the questions that were running through my mind. It cleared up my confusion as to what this company was all about. It now gave me a very clear picture of what they have to offer. Now I was to the point where I could concentrate on the issues, instead of a where am I, sort of feeling.

I was now beginning to realize that there were some really good advantages to the type of business program they were promoting. More importantly, I had now begun to build a trust in them because everything was being explained step by step as to how to get involved, if I so chose to do so. I had to admit that in the beginning I felt that this was just a quick hit sales technique.

I really became intrigued when I saw their list of “how to” videos. I was now convinced that should I decide to get involved in selling ,I would definitely go through Urbanload. My decision was made on the feeling that I knew they would lend support every step of the way.

My conclusion was as I was ready to leave the site was to remember to thank my friends for sending me to such a informative site.

Source by Rachel Patterson