Having a problem with your software is frustrating. After installing Internet Information Service (IIS) on my Windows XP SP2 without the CD, I faced another problem: on my local Internet Information Service server, ASPX files did not work at all, even though ASP files worked. Those same ASPX files work fine on my remote website. Both local ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 showed error message. I thought it was the Internet Information Service that caused the problem.

When I activated ASP.NET 1.1 the localhost displayed:

-2147467259 (0x80004005)

When I activated ASP.NET 2.0 the localhost displayed:

Failed to execute request because the App-Domain could not be created. Error: 0x80131902 For more information, see Help and Support Center at go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

When tried to open localhost/default.aspx, my web browser actually asked to save the file.

  • When I chose to save, it really save the whole aspx file with code inside instead of html version.
  • When I chose to open the file using the browser, it displayed the code as if the file was a text file.

I searched Google for a solution. and found none. Neither this Velocity Reviews forum thread: “ASP Net – Failed to execute request because the App-Domain could not be created. Error: 0x80004003 Invalid pointer” or this nor this Newsreader thread “error -2147467259 (0x80004005)”, nor any similar solutions worked.

After a while dumping myself in searching, I decided to find my own way, and here is how it was done after a few unsuccessful reconfiguration attempts: I repaired the .NET Framework 2.0 installation. I did not even asked me to restart the computer.

After .NET framework is repaired, I tested my localhost site again and amazingly it worked. It turned out the corrupted .NET framework caused the problem, not the IIS itself. If you have the same problem when ASPX does not work, you may try to repair or reinstall .NET Framework before wasting time on fixing the IIS. If you do not already have, you may download “Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package”

Source by Binh Nguyen