In a world of ever-evolving and increasingly sophisticated Internet threats, computer network security has become an unmanageable necessity for many small businesses and homeowners.

It is more important now than it has ever been to put the needs of one's network into the hands of a highly skilled and experienced professional.
Even the small home network can benefit and save money by turning to a PC technician who has the proper software and tools for the job.

Proper computer network security takes the burden off our shoulders, and protects our small business and home networks from all threats.
Consider that these threats can expend far more energy attacking our systems than we can spend defending them.

When one considers the ever-expanding array of network threats, it is clear that we must allow specialists to manage our defense.
How else can we have confidence that all of our precious information is secure?
Consider the following evolving Internet-based threats:

Worms & Viruses

In addition to being the original form of malware and predating the Internet, viruses are still the most common and dangerous form of security threat.
Once they gain access to the network, they begin to spread until the network is disabled, compromised or both.

The fortunate aspect of worms and viruses are that they require user intervention in order to introduce themselves to the systems.
This means that with proper and professional security and protocols in place, a business can provide themselves with invulnerability to these types of attacks.


Phishing is a criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information, such as credit card information, usernames and passwords.
Phishing attacks generally target individuals, but this does not mean that our businesses are safe from this type of threat.

Our employees are more mobile, and more connected to our business networks than ever.
A phishing attack that compromises the employee can lead to a compromise of the business' entire computer network security.
This is why it is critical that we use professional measures to protect our employees and, in turn, protect ourselves.

Packet Sniffers

Packet sniffers capture network data streams, thus allowing them to seize a business' sensitive information.
Packet sniffers are very difficult to detect, and they can gain access to the network through legitimate connection means.

In order to secure a network from this type of threat, every point within the network must have proper security protocols, and be able to transmit and receive encrypted communication.
A business must employ a network security specialist in order to implement a system such as this.

Securing All Components of Network Access Control

The common small business owner or homeowner does not appreciate the complexity of fully securing a network.
There are four primary phases:

• Authentication
• Enforcement
• Endpoint Security
• Management

Defend your business from all computer network security threats by hiring a network security consultant that will properly secure and define protocols for each of these phases. Network security is like a house of cards. If just one of these broad aspects fails, the entire structure falls apart.

Source by Arsham Mirshah