Love to tan, but hate waiting in line at the salon, paying monthly access fees, and laying in a bed where other people lay all day? Tired of going to tan and then having to go home and shower before you can get on with your day? Wouldn’t you love to have a tanning bed of your own?

Of course you would, but hey, you can’t afford it, right? Wrong! There are new and used tanning beds available with monthly payments so low they could actually SAVE you money!

How much of your money to you pay the salon each month to use their bed? Most salons charge anywhere from $8 to $12 to tan, so tanning three times a week could cost you as much as $144 each month!

Many salons do have package deals, allowing you to pay a flat fee of about $50 to $65 each month to tan as much as you want. But once you factor in gas to get there and the time it takes out of your day, how much are you really saving?

Now consider this – you can buy your own tanning bed for LESS than you are paying to tan now at the salon. Low monthly payments save you money AND time. Imagine – you can tan before you leave the house in the morning.

No more getting dressed, going to the salon, undressing, applying tanning lotions, putting your clothes back on – then, it’s rush home to shower or deal with being sticky, right?

Why let the salons keep making money off of you? Once you pay for your tanning bed, it is yours forever, and you will never have to pay to tan again.

Source by Tim Gorman