Does the above title of this discussion sound like an oxymoron? Bottom line is this: EVERYBODY LOVES TO BUY, Nobody likes to be SOLD TO.

Because of all of the hype on the internet of people making thousands of dollars in their first few months or even days, too many individuals come into our network industry expecting to be in profit within their first month. This industry has a 97% FAILURE rate primarily because of this belief. We need to be practical in our thinking. Fact is if you were starting a Brick & Mortar business you are expected to be in the RED for at least 3 years and in some cases you are talking about HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars.

An online business for a NEW Entrepreneur can most definitely shorten this expectation down to about 3-6 months; (sometimes a year) depending on your skill level and current relationships. You can expect and plan on an ongoing investment of a couple hundred dollars a month to maybe a couple thousand a month depending on the business you are starting. There are many variables to be considered of course.

So, if you are not suppose to lead with your business then just how are you suppose to sell your products and services? Well, its the same way you market an offline business. You need to bring the customers to you! You need to offer them something of value. Most of the people that visit the social media sites are primarily here to market their business, HOWEVER, they still buy and use your products and services on a personal level. You need to find a way to connect with them so that they will in turn be interested enough in you to find out what you have to offer.

You see, everywhere they/you turn, someone is shoving their opportunity/product down their/your throat. Most folks are in INFORMATION OVERLOAD mode on the internet and tend to just block everything they are hearing and seeing unless they sense it may mean a potential sale for them.

So, how do you bring them to you? You need to lead with something other than your primary business. Something that will HELP others succeed in this network marketing industry in what they are currently trying to market. I can hear you asking in disbelief: “I am suppose to help them succeed in what they are currently doing? But I want them to Buy into my business!” YES! because you need to do 2 things in order to make the sale.

1) Position yourself as an expert in the Network Marketing Industry.

2) Build A Relationship.

Once you have positioned yourself as the expert in something in this field that can help them build their business and you have established a relationship the “Know, Like & Trust” Factor kicks in. This is the point where a sale can/will happen. Another fact in this industry is that most people will go through anywhere from 3-10 business opportunities before they “find” the right one. Does that mean the other businesses were “no good”, a scam or otherwise non-legitimate? No. It can be as simple as and typically is the fact the person never connected either with their sponsor or the company. In order for a person to succeed in our industry, somewhere within their organization, they have to come to ‘Know, Like & Trust” other team members/upline and the company itself.

So by establishing yourself as a leader/expert in the network marketing industry and by building the relationship with them now when they are ready to make the switch not only will they turn to your products, services or opportunity the probability it them becoming a long prosperous relationship has gone from a mere 2% or 3% to more than 50%.

Your next question is probably How do I establish myself as a network marketing industry leader or expert of I am brand new myself? Look for my next article where I will cover that topic in depth.

Source by Julie Booz