Critical success of the Google AdWords CPM or PPC campaign depends largely on how you structure and manage your ad campaign. Find below the various tips to ensure that your AdWords campaign a great success.

There are 3 levels of Google AdWords campaign. Such as:

  • Campaign
  • Ad Group
  • Ads
  • Google AdWords provides you the flexibility to test your ads as much as you want. You can delete ads that are under-performing. Create more ads, write better ad copy. You can test as many ads variations as possible until the desired CTR/CPC/ROI is achieved.

    To successfully manage your AdWords campaign, you need to structure your campaign from the beginning. You must have thorough idea on how the ads are associated with ad groups and keywords. So that you can quickly delete the under-performing ads.

    Prepare a large keyword list for your campaign with various combinations of related, competitive, less competitive, plurals, misspelled keywords or key phrases. And then group them as follows:

    Step 1: Group the keywords

  • Targeted keywords
  • Highly competitive
  • Not competitive
  • Plural keywords
  • Misspelled keywords
  • Step 2: Create ad groups based on the grouped-keywords.

    Create ad groups exclusively for the grouped keywords. This is to ensure that you can easily identify the ad groups that provides ROI.

    Step 3: Create 2-3 ads for each adgroup.

    Since the keywords are identified and well grouped, we can experiment on the ads level. You can create 2-3 ads with variations on the ad copy at the ad group level. If the testing shows that a particular ad is under-performing, you can delete it and create new one. Likewise, you will have the flexibility to test as many ads as needed without messing around at the keyword level.


    If you find your ad group itself is under-performing, you can delete the ad group. Then you can do a research and come up with more keywords and create a new ad group for those keywords. In this way, not only you can effectively manage the keywords but also individual ad copy.

    Source by Grrajesh Kumar