The full form of the SIP Recording is Session Initiation Protocol. It is the best option among the open format which is used as voice. This replaced the IP and this becomes the common application in the IP networks. Magnetic north is there which provides the full support for the recording of the both of SIP voice and the H323 voice. SIP recording provides migration which is penalty free. It works to enable the customers to switch over between the different options of their license model.

The scalable architecture of the SIP Recording of the calls regarding the voice in the G711, G729 and the other codec. The work also on the multiple levels of the packet session of the audio that is in the framework of a technology. It can measure to support the huge number of calls. This is essential for the support of the call recording which is provided by the carrier and the host. SIP support is considered to be the platform which is core emergent. It provides the coverage of the VOIP networks. It works for both of maximization and optimization.

SIP Recording provides the integrations which are elegant and innovative. It needs an overhead which is low on border controllers which are available in the underlying session. Alternatively it works on the SIP servers. We are interconnected with the SIP servers. The platforms which are the base for its work along with the SIP Recording support the standard signaling of the SIP. It works also on the variants like SIP-T, SIP-I and the other different variants of the protocols. It also works on the different codec for the fly support.

Media is also acquired by using the network taps which are available from any location of a network. It can be either Local or wide Area. SIP Recording uses the recording servers which are remote. They compress, capture and they stream the files which are recorded at a low rate. It works to the application server which is central and optimized. It works for the storage and the management.

Source by Camsy Kris