Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important feature in website design and development because SEO can make any website more significant and easily read by search engines for crawling and indexing. For a successful business or an online marketing campaign, a SEO friendly website is essential.

For static websites, it is easy to apply SEO techniques but for a dynamic website it is more challenging. Content Management Systems (CMS) can give full control over web content and allows moving and modifying dynamic content easily. Drupal is rich is this feature and provides a SEO friendly CMS very easily.

SEO features in Drupal development – We can design and develop a SEO friendly Website in Drupal development. Below are examples of SEO features in Drupal development.

1. SEO Friendly URLs in Drupal Web Development:

In Drupal development, there is complete control of the URL Structure of your website. All the pages are divided into nodes and for every page there is a URL node. Drupal allows a URL alias for this and web developers can create a SEO friendly URL for each node. This customised URL option makes Drupal different from other CMS.

2. Drupal SEO Modules

There are a number of Drupal SEO modules which can easily optimize a web page. Here is a list SEO modules can that easily perform the following tasks:

Title tags placement

Meta tags placement

Global URL redirect

XML sitemap creation

Menu attributes management

Google Analytics placement

Content optimization

Robots.txt file placement

Custom breadcrumbs creation

3. Easy to use and update

Drupal development makes web pages easy to use and update. With the help of a customised CMS, the website owner can easily add, cut and edit any new product and service information. With this feature there is no required technical knowledge of Drupal needed. The Drupal CMS is highly reliable and secure, allowing for content to be easily managed.

4. Easy to crawl by search engines

Drupal development makes every website easy to crawl in search engines. Web developers can use many SEO modules and can make it SEO friendly with the effective use of SEO tags, URLs and content. Spiders can go smoothly to all the web pages.

These are just some of the many features which make site owners, web designers and development companies favour Drupal CMS development over other CMS. The multiple features and ease of use make this a unique CMS.

Source by Stephen Kenealy