There are countless traps and mistakes that one can make in business and even a lucrative business such as online businesses cannot be spared from these. It is very important to decide beforehand never to learn your mistakes the hard way, because doing so means adding business cost to your start up. Most of these business mistakes can be readily avoided, if we only spend considerable time in anticipating them then planning to eliminate if not reduce the risks of encountering them. Let me point you to the information that will spare you from unavoidable business costs.

There are tons of free information you can get your hands on but you also need the wisdom to filter through these pieces of information, after all, you do not want to waste another business investment which is your precious time, reading through all unnecessary information that will not help you but distract you from working on your business.

Before you decide to sign up for membership to access a credible list of wholesale dropshipping companies such as the SaleHoo directory, ask the following questions and see if you are making the right decision. Do the suppliers listed offer a varied range of products that can keep up with the currently stiff competition in the market? Is the list 100% credible and legitimate? Will you have access to real feedback from actual sellers they were in contract with? Do the suppliers also take orders in retail quantities sold at wholesale prices? Is the list updated frequently? You may also want to check if they have the money-back guarantee similar to the non-conditional 56-day money-back guarantee from SaleHoo.

With more than 50,000 members to date and globally-competitive sourcing database of more than 8,500 legitimate companies listed, SaleHoo is similar to a one-stop shop that can be your most needed business tool.

SaleHoo also has a way of protecting you against scam offers and fraudulent suppliers, which can spell disaster for your business. These companies which are listed will give you reasonable offers and spare you from bogus contracts and suppliers who do not follow up on their promises. There are also full time staff on standby to answer questions from any of its members, if something about any of the supplier or the member is in suspicion of violating any of the site rules, then they usually flag these for all members and suppliers to view. There are also non-stop forums that cover common topics on business which are all relevant for online sellers, you get to interact with the other members and the suppliers on any of these forums. There are also countless resource links you can visit if you would need more information about conducting market research, success stories of real sellers and other positive deals that you can ask from your suppliers. You can also get your hands on statistics of the best products with the highest bids on auction sites such as eBay, giving you that leverage you need for having your products on bidding.

Source by Shakira N. Smith