Online searches on keywords such as wholesale, dropship and online auctions usually return hits on articles regarding Salehoo. Some articles praise it to high heavens while others grind it to the ground. It is about time someone wrote a brief, concise but specific, and unbiased review of the site.

It is probably apt that I begin with a short summary of what wholesale dropshipping is all about. Briefly, the system involves an agreement between a wholesale supplier and a retail seller whereby the retailer is entitled to purchase items at retail quantities yet at wholesale prices. In addition, the wholesale dropshipper agrees to deliver the item directly to the buyer using the packaging specifications and return address of the retailer. Undoubtedly, this is a very attractive and profitable arrangement especially for the retailer. This is probably why a lot of sellers have signed up for membership to wholesale dropshipping directories like Salehoo.

In a nutshell, Salehoo claims to provide the following benefits: a regularly updated directory of about 8,000 verified suppliers across various product categories, over 50,000 registered members you can access for insights through the forums on site, expert staff on call for technical assistance, access to market research tools, references on how to manage a niche e-business and an unconditional 56-day money-back guarantee. Membership is not free, however, and comes with a price tag of under $ 70. Comparing the list with the price tag makes Salehoo appear to be a good buy, so to speak. The question is – does it live up to its claims?

Interviews of actual members show that the answer is both a yes and a no. It is a yes because it does have over 8,000 listings and 50,000 members, provides access to various forums, educational and market research tools as well as online information resources. However, the list of suppliers includes a mix of wholesalers and middlemen. You still need to be able to tell one from the other based on the prices being offered. Moreover, you do not benefit from the forums and access to experts if you do not participate in forums or make inquiries.

My final verdict is this: while Salehoo does provide all it claims, the usual underlying expectation is that membership to wholesale dropshipping directories translate to success in business. This, it cannot really guarantee. Access should be supplemented with ample research, initiative and effort by the retailer.

Source by Adam J. Woods