AlphaRegistration for Joomla improves on the default Joomla Registration Component by adding Re Captcha to the registration process. In addition, it adds a visual, 3-step process and indicator to help eliminate confusion about the verification email sent during the registration process.

The internet is plagued with spambots that create bogus registrations in an attempt to publish spam links on your site. This is a huge problem: you can get hundreds of bogus registrations per day. No only does this waste your server resources and bandwidth, it clogs up your user database with bogus registrations.

AlphaRegistration component is an elegant solution to this problem. Once you install it, it automatically replaces the default Joomla Registration component.

In order to activate this component, you need to create an account on recaptcha dot net (You can use your Google account to login). Once you create a re captcha account, you can add as many domains to it as you want. For each domain, re captcha generates a public and private key. You will need both of these to configure the re captcha in AlphaRegistration.

One of the best things about this component is that it has the option to turn the registration process into a 3-step process. If you are using the Joomla email verification for registration, the 3-step process helps to eliminate some of the confusion about the email verification.

If you accept registrations on a Joomla site, then then you already know about spam registrations. I highly recommend AlphaRegistration to protect against bogus registrations.


  • AlphaRegistration
  • ReCAPTCHA dot net

Source by Pat Fortino