I am often asked my opinion on a wide range of companies and whether or not they are a scam. One such company that was recently mentioned to me is a company by the name of Reliv International. So is Reliv a scam? Here is the information I have found. I encourage you to read through it and make up your own mind.


Reliv International is a publicly traded Network Marketing Company in the Health and Wellness Industry that was founded in 1985. The current CEO of the company is Robert Montgomery.


The Reliv flagship products include, Reliv Classic and Reliv Now, which focus on balancing nutrition with vitamins, minerals, protein and other essential nutrients. They also have other general wellness products including diet and weight loss, joint health and more.


Reliv International is a network marketing company which means that their primary form of distribution is done via “word of mouth” by selling to a distributor’s “warm market” of either friends, family or both in order to build their business and make money. It is possible to make money this way, although it is still necessary to have either a large warm market to access or some sort of system to be able to continue to bring in a steady flow of new prospects to sell to. Without a continuous supply of interested clients and people that are also willing to sell to their friends and family, it may become difficult for many people to be able to build a long-term business with a steady retention rate and cash-flow. Distributors also have the choice of conducting home or hotel presentations or cold-calling leads.

In my opinion, Reliv International is not a scam. They are a great, legitimate company with wonderful products. If you are looking for an opportunity to sell health and wellness products to friends and family, then this company may be the one for you. But if you are not out to sell, or have home presentations and make cold-calls, then you may want to continue your search and seek out a system that will show you how to have your prospects looking for you instead of vice versa.

A successful business opportunity should have a mentoring system to teach you how to drive traffic to your website and have prospects seeking you out with specific and effective online marketing techniques!

Source by Shawn Stoik