So you have your right hand up and telling everyone that you are willing to be among the thousands of sellers today who are earning extra with online selling whether on your own website or via auction sites such as eBay. Whatever reason you may have in wanting to put up your own online business, it is important that you do your assignment first in knowing everything you will ever need to know about wholesale dropshipping and working with a wholesale dropshipping companies directory such as SaleHoo. If you have been doing your market research lately, you would have already discovered that there are a lot of prowling scammers over the internet waiting for their next rip off deal. Make sure you will team up with nothing but legitimate online business resources, now this is making a well informed decision in business. Let me tell you how I ended up partnering with SaleHoo and my firsthand experience about it.

My first fascination with auction sites, particularly with eBay started with a need. I was in search of gifts to give to my family for Christmas and I was surprised to find out that I was actually able to find all imaginable gifts I want to give them and everything was at the best price. As a customer, availability of the sellers did not become an issue, as well. I always got prompt replies to my quick questions about anything. Because of a positive customer experience, I was encouraged to put up my own online business. I started with selling personal stuff that are still of top quality but are no longer in use. The first months were very lucrative. When I was ready for expansion, that was when I started my search for top quality but affordably priced items to sell. But I did not know any better about what products to sell.

Of course, I was wise enough to listen to an actual seller I know who advised me to complete my own product research. I have discovered that on eBay, profit is pocketed after buying the inventory, not after the items are sold. This just means that if I need to earn a steady stream of income, I need to be able to find top quality items at the best rates so that I can be at par with the market’s competition, both in online and local shops. That was when I was first introduced to SaleHoo by another powerseller I know from eBay, whom I have never personally met yet. SaleHoo is an exhaustive directory of credibly reliable wholesale dropshipping companies. I was even more delighted to find out that it was able to offer me a learning resource about how to deal with a business challenge I was encountering then, how to close, complete, confirm and monitor online orders.

Source by Shakira N. Smith