Mobiles can hold vast data of information via a device called the Subscriber Identity Module card, popularly known as the SIM card. This tiny card can offer a lot of value as it maintains your data, preferences, and enables portability. This removable SIM card device also helps to keep your data secure.

SIM Cards and Our Mobile Phones

SIM cards play a very important role in managing our data on our mobile phones. This SIM card acts as mobile data memory. It is due to the SIM card that your mobile can hold the valuable phone numbers of your business clients, friends, and family. SMS forms a very important way to communicate these days. You must have sent millions of messages from your mobile phones to connect with your loved ones or for business purposes. The SIM card allows you to store these messages on your mobile phone.

Mobile phones have become much more than just phones. People increasingly use their mobile phones to take pictures or shoot video clips. In addition, people are also downloading music on their mobile phones these days. Modern SIM cards allow users to store large amounts of data without worrying about the lack of storage capacity.

The SIM card also enables transfer of data such as messages and phone book from one mobile phone to another. This can be extremely beneficial when users change their mobile phone sets, which has become a frequent phenomenon these days.

Can you Lose Data from Your SIM Card?

SIM cards, like any other electronic device are prone to damages. Mobile phone crime is on rise and malicious people involved in mobile theft have made SIM cards their partner in crime. SIM cards are delicate electronic devices and can be damaged very easily if they are manhandled.

How Can you Lose Data from Your SIM Card?

There are times when people get SIM card errors while making a call or receiving a call. This may be due to a hardware error because the SIM detection tab under the SIM card becomes faulty. In some cases, the SIM card door becomes loose due to which, the SIM card is not able to function properly and you may not be able to make or receive calls. The electronic circuit space wherein the SIM card gets fitted may also get faulty, due to which the SIM card will not be able to read the data. The SIM card itself may also get faulty. This can be a problem that will be more serious in nature because in such cases you will have to not only get the SIM card replaced but also recover the data from your damaged SIM card.

However, hardware errors are not the only errors that are responsible for loss of data from your SIM card. There are times when an accidental corruption can result in data loss from your SIM card. A virus infection is also one of the major reasons for data loss. In such cases, data will be lost or corrupted and you will have to either buy data recovery software of hire data recovery specialists to retrieve your data.

Are There any DIY Software Packages Available to Recover Data From Mobile Phones?

There are a lot of DIY software packages available in the market that can help you recover your messages as well as phone books. There is software that’s read-only software. Therefore, they are completely non-destructive for your lost data because the risk of the data being overwritten by the data recovery software is eliminated. However, if you want to buy this software, make sure that you check whether or not the software will work if your SIM card is locked due to unauthorized PIN code. There is some software that explicitly states that the software will be rendered ineffective if the SIM card is locked.

Will Calling up a Professional Recovery Service be a Good Idea?

It depends on how important the lost data is to you. If the data on your SIM card is extremely important and can result in huge financial losses or emotional discomfort, then it would be a good idea to call up a professional data recovery service. Hiring the services of a data recovery specialist significantly increases your chances of successful data recovery. While most DIY software promises data recovery, the question remains as to how successful this recovery will be.

Source by James Walsh