The problem:

Malware, the malicious software, that can cause a lot of damage to your computer's performance and functionality, is never welcomed by any PC user. Today there are many security solutions existing as the antimalware population, to help in keeping out and tackling such issues easily. The first thing you need to win over such issues is to understand the ways through which these malwares can enter. Prevention is better than cure, so learn how to prevent such threats rather than resolving them later. The malware programs can find way to your computer in the following ways:

· Via an email attachment: The message usually appears as a masqueraded message which you are tempted to open as it arrived from a trusted source, like your friend, colleague or any other contact.

· When downloading a webpage: Latest versions of web browsers support a feature, which is alerting when downloading a webpage on your PC. If the invited program comes in, you must get alert as it can be a malware.

When an infected file is shared on a removable disc: This appears to be the most popular method for malware infection, which entails inserting a strange disc into your PC's storage media. It makes an easy way for a virus, and is usually offered in the form of free software or a free game. The worst can happen if you get intimidated to restart the computer with the disk inside the driver.

The solution:

Among the many solutions available to fight such threats, most common are the antivirus software. Also, acting wisely is needed. In case if a web page link appears, that directs you to ignore warnings from your web browser or disable your antivirus program to continue, it's surely a catch; so get aware. Also, you should not download anything from websites that offer deals that are too good to be true. In addition, when a file gets automatically downloaded on your PC without permission, never access it; as it's a threat for your PC. Emails that ask to disable your antivirus program to access must be deleted immediately. Chat rooms are another common place to give your PC a malware infection, where these can come as instant messaging threats. So, prevent from clicking on the link or opening the file, no matter how enticing it appears.

Today there are a number of antivirus solutions available that are equipped with the most technically advanced features to ensure you can avail complete and best protection from threats of all kinds.

Source by Herry Willson