What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free and open source content management system (CMS) for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets. Within the first year of the release of Joomla! It had been downloaded 2.5 million times. Between March 2007 and February 2011 there has been more than 21 million downloads.

Using Joomla for your programming system gives you the following features page caching, RSS feeds, Printable versions of your page, new flashes, blogs, polls, search and support for international languages. However there are thousands of commercial and non-commercial extensions to extend your site to facilitate social media plugins or modules and much more.


Putting it all together

Joomla is somewhat more technical then an HTML site as it uses three elements to generate the content, an html site generally draws its styling from the CSS and all the content is stored in the html file. With Joomla the content is stored in articles on the MySQL database and generates the page on the fly, when a user selects an area of the site Joomla! Then draws the content from the stored articles, the styling from the templates CSS and the layout from the template index.php file.


The Template

The template is used to control the layout of various positions that Joomla uses to place modules and components. There are various free templates on the web that can be easily installed to the existing Joomla site. Joomla also allows templates to be page specific meaning if you would certain areas of your site to be styled different from the other areas of the site this is possible with a click of a button. A web designer could adjust the layout of your site for your home page and then have the rest of the site structured in a different way to the home page.


Is it simple to use?

When Joomla was programmed the developers created Joomla to be easy to use even for people who have no technical knowledge of coding, the user interface is easy to navigate. However it may take some getting used to the way Joomla works everything out but once you have the hang of Joomla it becomes quite simple to add content in minutes, restyle the entire site while the content remains untouched and presents itself as you would like it to with your new look and feel.


If you are looking to program and maintain your own site look no further than Joomla!

Source by Wesley Dante Hann