Andrew Reynolds = £20Million

Tim Lowe = £3Million

Stuart Goldsmith = £10Million

David Anderson = £3Million

The Secrets To How Andrew Reynolds, Tim Lowe, Stuart Goldsmith and David Anderson Make Millions Every Year

These guys have been around for years, in fact if you are on a mailing list, you’ll have received many

sales letters from them promoting their next big thing!

So how did Andrew Reynolds, Tim Lowe, Stuart Goldsmith and David Anderson get rich … and continue to increase their wealth?

Well we need to go back a good few years to look at how it all began for them.

Their method is a classic one, that has been around for many years … and is still being used very successfully everyday in the UK and abroad.

The Basic Method

Back in the late 1990’s (before the internet) direct mail and press advertising was the only way in which you could promote a business opportunity and make money.

Done right and the rewards were fantastic … as Andrew Reynolds, Tim Lowe, Stuart Goldsmith and David Anderson have found out.

What these and many other business opportunity promoters did (Streetwise Marketing are another) was to start with a reasonably priced product – usually a manual or video- DVD in Andrew Reynolds and Tim Lowe’s case.

These product were priced between £39.97 and £47.97 – the price was set fairly low to attract as many buyers as possible.

So from the period of the late 1990’s to well into the new century Andrew Reynolds, Time Lowe, Stuart Goldsmith and David Anderson would mail out their sales literature to thousands upon thousands of people who were on business opportunity type mailing lists.

They built huge customer list very quickly which could then be used to sell more products.

Back then printing and postage was much cheaper than it is now, and with no internet supplying free information, people bought their products like mad.

I even got involved in the whole industry myself, and response rates where fantastic. I would mail out 10,000 sales items of a product priced at £47.00 and receive well over 4% response rate. I then invested the profits and continued the process … much like Andrew, Tim, Stuart and David.

From their first product, they all built huge customer lists of people eager to buy more products.

So what they then did was bombard their customers with much more expensive products – usually between £200 and £600.

These mailings were far more targeted than for their first product. With overall direct mailing costs vastly reduced, they could make a great deal of money from low response rates.

Now all customers who went on to buy the second product priced at between £200 and £600 would then go onto Andrew, Tim, Stuart and David’s ‘golden list’ of customers.

These customers would then receive details of even more expensive products – usually one-to-one meetings, seminars and DVD sets priced from £997 to £4,997.

Let’s say for example that Andrew had 20,000 customers who bought his first product, then from those, 4,000 bought his second product, and then from those 4,000 customers, 200 people paid £4,997 for a seminar.

Andrew would have grossed millions … which he and the others did for many years.

So What Are They Doing Now?

They all continued with their successful system right up to the present day. Andrew now uses his Cash on Demand product to attract thousands of new customers from direct mail, internet and now the daddy of them all …TV.

Yes Andrew has his own infomercial TV on Sky at channel 682.

Stuart retired with his millions a few years ago, Tim is still raking in millions every year with his classified ads system and the recycling and rebranding of products, and David Anderson continues making vast amounts of money from seminars and products such as ebooks.

Once you start to understand their methods you may think making money is easy. Well it’s not quite, however it’s much easier than most people imagine.

What About My Own Success?

I continued to run my own direct mail business under my business name Capital Westland, and although I didn’t reach Andrew Reynolds, Tim Lowe, Stuart Goldsmith or David Anderson’s success level, I still made a great deal of money that basically set me up for many years.

Since then I’ve gone on to create even more money from my full time involvement online.

I now create automated income streams that earn me money 24 hours a day.

Every morning I set up a new income stream which will earn me about £10.00 per week … however with well over 200 of these automated income streams now in place, I make a great deal of weekly income online.

Since I started, I’ve managed to place over £100,000 into my bank account.

In fact I’ve done so well, I decided to put down all my methods, systems and techniques onto paper and created a step by step, full illustrated study course on how anyone can set up their own automated income streams and earn £1,000 – £7,000 per month online.

Over 1,000 people now actively use my methods to create a weekly income online – why not join them today!

You’ll be up and running within hours.

Source by Robert Evans