So a few years ago the Google cash method i.e affiliate marketing via Google AdWords was a really effective way of making money online. So what is the current state of play on this

Before we get in a quick explanation of the Google cash method

Google cash was a method of generating affiliate commissions by setting up an AdWords campaign using the appropriate keywords, and sending the traffic straight to the merchants site via your affiliate link.

And a few years ago, this worked very well.

Why? Because the cost of an AdWords click was so little that you could afford a large number of clicks and still make a profit with your commission

As affiliate marketing got more competitive and more people came on the scene, the amount people were willing to pay per click slowly crept up

The current scenario?

You need to be really market savvy and have a high conversion rate to make the Google cash method work for you

So does this mean that Google AdWords is a loss to affiliate marketers

Certainly not!

There are a few ways in which you can effectively use Google AdWords and other pay per click programs to help build your affiliate marketing business

  • Traffic. And I mean targeted traffic. One of the quickest ways to get targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing websites is PPC i.e pay per click. Google AdWords is one of a number of pay per click service providers. How targeted your traffic is depends on how well your ad is worded.
  • Build your opt in list: A really effective use of PPC is to write an advertisement promoting a free report you are giving out and link that ad. to your webpage.  The page on your website should only have the opt in form and the incentive i.e the report you promoted in the ad. When visitors land on this page from wherever your ppc ad. is displayed, if they want to get the report, they will need to give you their name and email address via your opt in form. You will have paid for these visitors so you don’t want anything to distract them when they land on your page. Again, the only thing on that page should be the opt in offer and the opt in form

Obviously, anyone getting into PPC should make sure that they set a daily budget limit and a maximum bid. This just helps stop your campaign running away and costing more than you are comfortable with

Source by A Noah