Internet paid surveys is an interesting way to make money online. But the whole process to start earning consistent income and finding good paying surveys is an intriguing process fraught with disappointments and rewarding surprises. On one hand, you will come across scams that pay you nothing for all the hard work and time, while the gems reward you with great payouts. In the midst of all this, it is crucial to learn how to differentiate between the two in order to make some serious income from internet paid surveys.

Typically, a market survey company is the one that handles all the surveying of survey takers for their clients, the product and services companies. There are many established big names like Global Test Market which offers internet paid surveys. But it does not always mean that you can make money with them. Let me explain. Big names are reliable and do pay on time. But because of their credibility, they have large databases of ready survey takers. It gets very competitive to really make money from their paid surveys. Nevertheless, you should still register with them as a long-term income plan.

There are some scam internet paid surveys sites that keep popping up on the internet. There are a few things which should raise red flags when you see them. One is an over-enthusiasm to recruit new sign-ups. A lot of times, these run on an MLM model where there are huge incentives for members to bring in a new member. There is nothing wrong as some legitimate companies do adopt the same technique but if a survey site overdoes it, be wary. Internet paid surveys companies should be concerned about building their core business which is to find good paid surveys if they are in for the long haul.

These scam sites normally build a nice and beautiful website with many survey offers within for pay-per-click offers, pay-per-email, pay-per-sample test, pay-per-product / service trial, etc. Most of them are free offers where you sign up for a freebie or participate in free internet paid surveys to accumulate credits or cash. Payout is supposed to be made when you hit a minimum sum. Unfortunately, many of such internet paid surveys sites come and go within months, leaving many survey takers lost and disillusioned.

Yet, there are other internet paid surveys sites that keep paying their survey takers. These can be small niche survey sites to general paid survey sites that offer surveys at $ 5 onwards for completed internet paid surveys. Some offer you a wide range of surveys in the form of focus group surveys, shopping experience surveys, movie feedback surveys and more. These are generally more time consuming and would require you to step out of your house. But they pay much better and can even pay up to $ 150 – $ 200 per assignment. Question is how do you find these survey companies?

One way is you can search for them on the internet and scrutinize them one by one by signing up and trying each one out. You can check at online income or money making forums for work at home people for such opportunities. Alternatively, get hold of a ready listing or directory of online paid surveys companies. Such listings typically contain hundreds of online survey companies that have been tested to work and pay well.

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Source by Davion Wong