Here ye all netizens! Do you know that there is a better way to showcase all your collections in the net? You can finally present to the world all your pictures in all its glory! And categorize them too!

What? You are guessing it’s another feature by Facebook? That will indeed make it easier to hang out with friends while sharing photos too.

But this is in Pinterest. Yes, you got that right. You PIN your INTEREST and it becomes Pinterest. Pinterest will serve as your album of pictures in the internet. It can contain any of your fascinating ideas in picture form! It will practically serve as a picture story book. Pictures have a distinctive way of evoking feelings and memories. They can take you to a long trip back in time. They can make you laugh till you cry. They can make you remember. They can do all sorts of things to you and to people who see your pictures. And they can do more.

You can use pictures to SELL. Yes, you can sell IDEAS, SERVICE, STUFF, and or PROPERTY. Pinterest is the perfect platform for whatever you want to sell to anyone in the world.

So how do you use Pinterest?

It’s quite simple really. If you are in Facebook, you can sign in using your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, fret not. You can still create your account. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Go to

2) You will see two tabs: Join Pinterest and Login

3) If you click Join Pinterest, there are two choices

4) You can create your account by clicking on either the Facebook tab or the twitter tab, or

5) You can sign up with your email address

6) Clicking any of these will take you to the Create Your Account page

7) Fill in the fields and then click Create Account at the bottom of the page

8) Build your following feed

9) Choose from any of the shown categories

10) Click your chosen category

11) It will take you to a screen with all pictures showing under that category

12) Click ADD on the upper right hand corner next to Pinterest

13) Click Create Board

14) Name your Board

15) Select Category

16) If you want to allow others to pin in your Pinterest, type the name of your friends or the email address (You may skip this and #17 if you don’t wish to allow others to pin in your Pinterest)

17) Click INVITE


19) You have created your first board

20) If you want more boards, Click ADD on the upper right hand corner next to Pinterest and repeat steps 13-18

21) You can Edit or Delete your board

22) To Edit, Click Edit Board under the board name

23) The Edit screen will have fields where you can change the Title of the Board, write a description, change the category and invite friends to pin

24) Click Save Settings when done

25) Or you can Delete your Board, if you don’t want it

26) If you are happy with your board, let’s start pinning

27) You need the PIN IT BUTTON

28) Hover your mouse over the ABOUT tab at the upper right hand corner next to Pinterest

29) You will get a dropdown menu


31) You will get the GOODIES page

32) Drag the PIN IT button to the Bookmarks bar

33) To install in Chrome: Click the Wrench Icon> Bookmarks>Show Bookmarks Bar

34) Drag the PIN IT button to the Bookmarks bar

35) You are all set

36) To pin, when you are browsing the web, click the Pin it button (on your Bookmarks Bar) to pin an image

Very easy no? Pinterest can help you enlarge your territory. It can widen your reach through pictures.

Happy pinning!

Source by Joanne T Bleiler