You've heard about many Internet Marketers and bloggers making money in Google AdSense and you too would also like to start such a lucrative business. You don't know much about Google AdSense but had been told that you would need to submit an application to Google for a new AdSense account. You also created a beautiful looking website to try to impress Google.

Well the truth is that Google takes their Terms of Service very seriously and it follows some standard requirements that applicants must adhere to or fulfill before they can be approved. Here are some of the requirements that Google looks for before approving your request:

1. No, Google does not require you to have a beautiful looking website but it should be a professionally designed one and looks presentable. Choose a nice color that is easy to look at and avoid the use of different color contrasting.

2. What kind of content you put on your website is most important to Google as it looks for good, useful information that can satisfy what people are searching for in the search engine. For Google to have any impression of your website, you should have more than a few pages of content, perhaps 10 – 20 pages of articles. You don't have to write them all yourself but you could use some of them from selected article directories like EzineArticles.

3. Although it is a new website you may not have much traffic. However just before submission to Google it is recommended to quickly generate some quick traffic. Joining a few online forums and putting your website details in the signature file will definitely bring you some quick traffic to your website.

Source by Peter HC Lee