What KOI values? Why are they important and why should every AdSense publisher know about them? KOI or Keyword Opportunity Index is a means of measuring the potential of keywords for search engines. It is a tool that can be used by AdSense publishers to fine-tune their AdSense campaign for optimum success.

By knowing the potential of specific AdSense keywords, you can focus your marketing strategy towards the more profitable keywords in your AdSense project.

Calculating KOI values is all about gathering data relating to the demand and supply of particular keywords. The demand value tells you how popular a specific word is in search queries. The keyword supply value tells you about the degree to which the word has been catered for on the internet. The final value resulting in the KOI is derived from a small calculation based on the information gathered through researching the demand and supply of a particular AdSense keyword. The KOI value tells you about the opportunity a keyword offers in a numerical format.

So how is this done?

The first step in calculating KOI is to use a keyword discovery tool like the one available through Google AdWords. These are used to find out the demand levels of particular keywords. All you have to do with the tool is enter the keyword into the search field and wait for the results to come through. The discovery tool not only tells you how many times the term was used during a search query for certain period of time but it also lists a number of related terms. This extra list of terms can often be used to expand your list of potentially useful keywords.

The numbers given is the value for demand (D).

Next we need to find out about keyword supply (S). To find this information we use Google’s search engine. In the entry field we type:

Allinanchor: [word under investigation]

For example:

Allinanchor: cosmetics

On the right after the search is complete a number is displayed that shows how many sites use the term under investigation within their links. This number is an approximate figure of your possible competition.

Now all we need to do with our demand (D) and supply (S) values is put them into the following equation to work out the KOI value.

D^2/S = Keyword Opportunity Index (KOI)

We square the demand (D) and divide the result with supply (S) to give us the keyword Opportunity Index of the keyword in question. The number can be a bit cumbersome, so a further calculation can be done to give you the Keyword Potential Index (KPI). This is a more manageable and easier to digest value that tells you want to know about a keyword at a glance.

Source by Victor Awo