Are you having Xbox 360 problems with red lights? This article will explain them all and show you what you need to do to fix your red lights Xbox 360 problem.

Xbox 360 Problems with Red Lights: What Do The Different Red Lights Mean?

1. 1 red light: this means you are having general hardware failure, see the next section.

2. 2 red lights: this means your console is overheating. Turn it off right away to avoid damage.

3. 3 red lights: the most common of Xbox 360 errors. This is more famously know as the red ring of death (or rrod). See the next section for how to deal with these red lights.

4. 4 red lights: the solution to these 4 red lights is simple. Your AV cable is loose. You need to check the connection or replace if necessary.

Xbox 360 Problems: Red Lights 1 & 3

1 and 3 red lights both mean you have a loose GPU. Your GPU comes loose as the motherboard heats up. This heat loosens the soldering holding the GPU. Once the GPU comes loose you have Xbox 360 problems with 1 or 3 red lights.

How Do I Fix Xbox 360 Problems With 1 or 3 Red Lights?

You should consult a professional Xbox 360 repair guide before doing anything. They have pictures that make the whole process easy as pie for us average joe gamers who know nothing about technical stuff.

However, here is how you fix Xbox 360 problems with 1 or 3 red lights so can see how easy it is. By fixing your Xbox 360 problems with red lights yourself you are saving over $ 100 and the 6 weeks it would take sending it for repairs. At home Xbox 360 repair is safe and fast (it takes about an hour).

Best of all, once you fix your Xbox 360 problems with red lights properly you will never have the red lights again! You will be able to game again without that nagging fear of your Xbox 360 freezing up.

In a nut shell here is how you fix Xbox 360 problems with 1 or 3 red lights:

1. Take the case off

2. Remove the DVD drive

3. Take the x-clamp and heat sink off

4. Clean the CPU and GPU

5. Put some thermal compound on the GPU ($ 1 tubes of this can be found at any computer store)

6. Put 2 washers above and below the heat sink screws on the motherboard

7. Put it back together. Done

See, there is a solution to Xbox 360 problems with red lights for us non-technical gamers. Again, if you need help with this process and step by step instruction, see a professional Xbox 360 repair guide.

Source by Anthony Uccello