Does your website lose its ranking every time Google updates its algorithm? You are not alone; millions of webmasters around the world dread Google updates. Why does this happen and how to deal with this problem?

Every website owner today understands clearly that SEO is one of the best ways to improve the online visibility of his or her website. This has created a great demand for SEO service providers. As a result, many search engine optimization companies have emerged today offering various kinds of SEO and link building solutions. Unfortunately, not all the companies are equally reliable. When you are choosing your SEO firm, you need to be very cautious because if they fail to use Google friendly strategies to promote your website then the efforts that they take can cause your website more harm than good.

Many webmasters that were careless in selecting their SEO service providers burnt their fingers very badly when Google updated its algorithm. Many websites lost their ranking and webmasters had to disavow many of their back links to protect their websites from further risks. They would have paid some link building company at some point of time to acquire these links, which they eventually had to disown. You should not allow yourself to go through such frustrating and loss-making episodes.

Before you sign up with any search engine optimization company or before you sign up for any link building packages, you will have to first review the reputation of your service provider. Talk to your service provider to understand the nature of the SEO techniques that they use to promote their customers’ websites. As far as hiring a search engine marketing company is concerned, you need to be a well-informed customer. If you lack knowledge about SEO or about SEO services, it is important that you learn at least the basics and it will go a long way in protecting your website from future ranking issues.

When you are selecting your SEO company, you should not make your decision merely based on the cost factor. It should be one of the factors but it should not be the only factor based on which you select your SEO service provider.

It is crucial that you make use of only Google friendly SEO strategies. You cannot afford to upset Google because almost 90% of a website’s organic traffic today comes from Google searches. The best approach is always to use 100% ethical strategies to promote your website so that you get good ranking not only in Google but also in the other top search engines.

Source by Antony Innocent