Google Chromoting is coming soon! If you are wondering what it is, Chromoting can be considered to be the mobile version of Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop service that is already being offered by the web giant through its Chrome browser.

Consumers who are familiar with Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop service will be happy to know that they will soon be able to use the same feature on their Android smartphones, and Chromoting is the app that will allow you to do so. We don’t really know a lot about the app yet, and it is being said that the app has not even made it to beta stage.

Chromoting was first noted by Fran├žois Beaufort, Google open-source Chromium evangelist and developer. He was the one who pointed out to a Chromium code review, which had the short description: “Add the beginnings of a Chromoting Android app.”

Developers behind this particular app said that the app is still not able to display the host’s desktop, and can’t handle any kind of input. The app hardly seems to have made it to the alpha stage of development. This might be the reason Beaufort installed the app but only showed off its icon.

But even now, the app is able to do basic tasks and provides some useful features, these include:

  • Authenticate using a Google account on the phone.
  • Query and display the host list from the Chromoting directory server.
  • Connect to and communicate with the host service over XMPP/ICE.
  • Establish peer-to-peer channels for communicating with the host service.

Even though we will not be able to use the app any time soon, we are happy to know that the app is coming to he market, and thanks to the efforts from Google, we will soon have yet another unique app that will let us control our desktop computers through our Android smartphones. As mentioned earlier, Chromoting is expected to be similar to Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop service and will follow a similar method of use.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop service is already live and can be accessed as an extension of the Google Chrome browser. If you are interested to know how it works, check out the sample steps shown below. These steps will also give you a good idea of how you will be able to do the same using Chromoting.

  • When you start the service, you get a 12-digit code.
  • If you want to give your computer’s access to another person, you have to send this 12-digit code to him.
  • Once the third person enters the correct code on his side, he gets to access your computer and control it the way he wants.
  • This way, you can resolve issues, find files and do many more activities from a distant location.
  • Once done, the third person can end the session and even you can end the session if required.

Source by Wayne John Bond