It was inevitable that Google would eventually release its own web browser, but the steadily-growing success of Google Chrome took even the staunchest advocates by surprise. With more than 12% of internet users now using Chrome, it has obviously become the browser of choice for many power users. As a result, a number of extremely useful plug-ins have been created for Chrome, including many which are highly relevant to SEO professionals. What follows is a sampling of the most useful.

Chrome SEO

Without a doubt the most comprehensive SEO tool available for Google Chrome, Chrome SEO offers a number of features that help speed up the process of SEO. Chrome SEO has some innovative features, such as highlighting all no-follow links on a page, allowing webmasters to quickly and easily see whether sites they link to are linking back.

Chrome SEO also has easy access to cached versions of a webpage; full domain information including Whois, IP, DNS, etc.; number of pages indexed on a site; traffic and rankings on major engines; a robust keyword research tool; social bookmarking data; and backlinks from a page. Chrome SEO makes use of Ask, Bing, Alexa, Digg, Dmoz, Google, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Yahoo, and more, making it one of the most comprehensive suites for any browser.

Best of all, as with many Google Chrome Extensions, Chrome SEO is constantly being updated. New features are added every few weeks, and the developer is highly receptive to feedback from the SEO community, making it likely this extension will remain relevant for some time to come.

Meta SEO Inspector

A highly-functional, very usable tool for displaying meta information, the Meta SEO Inspector is seamless and can greatly speed up analyzing pages for SEO. The extension shows things such as the head title, meta tags, XFN tags, microformats, no-follow links, scripts, and other crucial information. Although being able to see this information all in one place is very useful, the Meta SEO Inspector’s best feature is its warning system: if tags are too short or too long, or if tags are improperly formatted, it throws up a red flag. This helps webmasters ensure their meta data is all optimized for Google, increasing search engine relevance with a minimum of time investment.

Link Grabber

Although not explicitly an SEO tool, Link Grabber is one of the fastest, most usable Google Chrome extensions that webmasters will likely find themselves using for SEO. The extension simply takes every single link on a page, opens a new tab, and generates a page with a list of all of the links on it. It’s an incredibly fast way to see how many links a page has, and to see where they lead.

SEO Quake

This is an extension for Google Chrome that any SEO-driven webmaster who was also a Firefox user will be well acquainted with. SEO Quake is one of the most popular SEO extensions for Firefox, and its Chrome version replicates all of its many features. A top bar includes a wealth of SEO data, including no-follow links, Google PageRank, inbound links, Alexa rank, page age, link density, and more.

Source by Ehud J Furman