Frontline Registry Cleaner is a registry tool that’s been released by a software company in the UK called “Frontline Utilities”. This cleaner boasts several unique & effective features, which have made it one of the most popular tools online. Since its release in January 2010, it’s quickly become one of the most recommended registry tools – but does it actually work? To demonstrate what this tool can do, we should first look at its features:

Advanced Registry Scanner

Since its release in early 2010, the Frontline Registry Cleaner scanning engine has been able to find and fix more registry errors than most other cleaners on the Internet. Unlike many poor quality registry tools, the designers of this software program have invested a lot of time and resources into making it able to fix the largest number of registry errors on your PC. They have done this with an advanced registry scanner, which is able to fix the largest number of problems inside the Windows system.

Junk File Remover

This is a unique and highly beneficial feature of this registry cleaner. This tool is able to scan through Windows and remove several gigabytes of data which is just doing nothing on your computer. This remover is built directly into the central scanning engine of the cleaner, making it extremely simple to use and beneficial for your system.

Registry Defragmenter

The registry is basically a database which stores all the settings for your PC inside. Unlike many other registry tools, the Frontline Registry Cleaner system is able to “defragment” this database and allow Windows to better able read all the settings it needs from it. This not only makes your computer run faster, but it also increases the amount of space your system can have as well.

Startup Programs Manager

The Frontline Registry Cleaner program also has a startup programs manager, which allows you to easily change all the various programs that load up when Windows boots. This has the potential to boost the load time of Windows dramatically, allowing you to make your system run much faster from the minute it loads up.

Automated Backup Facility

You also get a complete backup facility with the Frontline Registry Cleaner system. This is an essential part of any registry cleaner, because the way in which these tools works means that if any accidental damage occurs, your computer remains in serious risk of becoming permanently damaged. With this automated backup facility, your computer will remain secure and reliable even if anything does go wrong, thanks to the backups the tools automatically makes for you.

Source by Hank Marvin