Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0 is the latest release of the hugely popular "Frontline Registry Cleaner" application – a registry cleaner that's been created by the "Frontline PC Utilities" software company in the UK. Although there are a lot of registry repair tools available, Frontline Registry Cleaner is one of the handful of professionally-designed applications which appears to actually do what it claims (which is to find errors on your PC, and then fix them for you).

This new release of Frontline Cleaner 2.0 has brought considerable updates with the user interface of the program, as well as with the inner-workings of the software. Having been a customer of the initial Frontline Registry Cleaner tool we've found a distinct improvement in both the number of errors this new version can find, as well as the speed & reliability of its scanning feature. Depending on your PC's speed, the cleaner will generally only take about 10-30 seconds to fix any registry errors that it may have inside, whereas other registry tools (the older Frontline Cleaner version included) will take up to 5 minutes to perform a scan . This robust scanning facility showed us that the developers of the program really have taken the time to make sure they focused on quality – which will boost your computer's reliability in the best way possible.

The biggest point about Frontline Reg Cleaner 2.0 I'd like to make is the way this tool actually fixes the errors it finds . We've experienced a large number of poor quality registry cleaners which will claim to find 1,000's of errors, but will actually just be able to fix 10% of them. For some people, it appeared that the old version of Frontline Cleaner did that, and we've found a large number of menial programs will also do it. Fortunately, Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0 is able to both identify a large number of errors AND fix 98% of the ones it finds. On our test PC, we found that this tool was able to identify around 1,500 errors, and after the scan it only found 6-10 errors, which is an amazing result.

On top of the advanced scanning feature, we've found that this tool also has a collection of other advanced tools which add to its effectiveness. These include the likes of a "Junk File Remover", which is able to get rid of all the files / settings that Windows doesn't use any more, along with a registry defragmenter application that's able to restore the registry back to its original structure – boosting your PC's speed.

Overall, the improvements in Frontline Cleaner 2.0 are profound, and the sign of a true quality product. The only problems with the software are that it does seem to take up of memory when it's running, as well as taking about 10-15 seconds to load up. If you are looking to use a registry cleaner, either to boost PC speed or to stop the errors on your system, then it's highly recommended that you use the Frontline Registry Cleaner 2.0 system to help repair any of the issues that your system may have.

Source by Greg Toddles James