What are Xvidcore.dll errors?

In order to play XviD movies in the computer, XviD Codec need to be installed. During this installation process Xvidcore.dll file gets installed in the PC and help user to play XviD movies and video files smoothly. But if this DLL file get damage or misplace somehow then the system will through error about this file when user will attempt to play the XviD files. The error messages that user generally encounter related to this DLL file are –

  • Xvidcore.dll Not Found.
  • Xvidcore.dll Is Missing.
  • Unable to locate Xvidcore.dll

What are the causes of Xvidcore.dll error?

This error message is generally caused due to several reasons; some of them are as follows –

  • If the file is misplaced or missing and Windows is unable to locate it.
  • The DLL file is corrupted or updated and the XviD player version also needs updation.
  • Any virus has infected it.
  • The computer has some registry issues which have made xvidcore.dll file unreadable.
  • XviD Codec is not installed or incorrectly installed in the PC etc.

How to fix Xvidcode.dll errors on the computer?

Fixing this error is very simple and easy if appropriate tools and techniques are used. Some of the methods or steps which help user to resolve this error are as follows –

  • Uninstall Or Reinstall XviD Codec – Sometimes XviD codec get installed incompletely in the computer due to which this DLL’s fails to install in the PC due to which error message is flashed. So, uninstalling the XviD codec and reinstalling it again can considerably resolve the error message.
  • Clean the viruses and other infections – Often harmful viruses and other spyware’s infect the various DLL files on the computer and make them unreadable for the PC. To ensure that nothing such has happened scan the system using an efficient antivirus or anti-spyware software and remove any infections which cause these error messages.
  • Clean and Repair Windows Registry – Windows registry is a big database which keeps the track of all the referenced DLL files of the system. But at times the registry becomes damage or corrupt and the XviD codec fails to read the DLL’s which is needed to play the XviD movies or videos. This is the major cause of this type of errors and need to be fixed by cleaning and repairing the Windows registry. So, in order to get rid of Xvidcore.dll error cleaning and repairing the registry will certainly help.

So, just try any of the above mentioned methods and fix Xvidcore.dll error from the system completely.

Source by Nancy Prince Johnson