Whenever I am asked whether a registry cleaner remove spyware and malware the short answer is, ‘no’. That’s simply because spyware and malware are cleaned by an antivirus program not a registry cleaner. There are many fine antivirus programs that will remove this type of threat, like all software some of them are good and some are not so good.

When speaking of these types of threats and the way they work, whilst it is true that they can affect your registry by adding commands to the registry that will allow this type of software to carry out whatever task the spyware or malware was originally intended for, a registry cleaner will not remove this type of threat.

To appreciate the usefulness of registry cleaners in relation to spyware and malware, we have to know what those two troublemakers really do.

What is Spyware?

Spyware, as the name suggests, is built to spy on your computer. It can be as innocuous as something tracking the sites you visit to give its owner stats on internet usability (…by the way, that’s not so innocuous when you don’t want anyone to know where you’ve been), or it can be malicious spyware that is created with the aim of assisting identity theft. Keyloggers are a type of spyware, for instance, they keep a track of the keys you press on your keyboard, trying to find codes and passwords so as to access your accounts. This is one source of credit card frauds over the internet.

What is Malware?

Malware, on the other hand is software created for the purpose of harming your computer, infecting it and generally being a nescience. Again, there is a huge range of malware, some will just induce pop-ups…which are annoying as hell but they don’t match the maliciousness of malware that is designed to corrupt your data or bring your OS to a halt.

Does a Registry Cleaner Remove Spyware and Malware?

No, you will need protective software such as a good antivirus with a spyware remover on your PC to be safe from these miscreants, on the other hand, it is a registry cleaner’s job is to help fix the corrupted values, repair damaged keys and resolve the various conflicts that spyware or malware will leave in its wake.

How do Registry Cleaners help with Spyware and Malware?

The system registry is a data warehouse; a giant database that stores information about all of the currently installed applications that are on the computer at that given time and those that have been installed, deleted or modified in previously. Certain programs will actually rely upon common registry values in order to allow them to work and this means that if the common values are corrupted or otherwise tampered with then these programs will cease to work. Does a Registry Cleaner Remove Spyware and Malware? No. What does it do then? It fixes the damage such programs create.

The Dream Team: Rigistry Cleaners in tandem with Antivirus Software

A common mistake is to assume that when running antivirus software and removing the spyware/virus is the end of the matter. More sophisticated viruses are created in such a way that a small part of them remains affixed to the registry even after they have been removed from the computer…much like a cancer sitting dormant in a body for a while. Nor does removing the malware repair the damage that has been inflicted on your machine. A registry cleaner repairs that damage.

Does a Registry Cleaner Remove Spyware and Malware? In the strictest sense of that sentence, it does not. BUT, it is incredibly useful in cleaning up the damage spyware and malware do to you computer.

Source by Asma M. Ahmad