Collecting is a beautiful hobby that’s extremely satisfying and pleasing when you continuously add something to your collection. One popular collection that several professionals and highly renowned individuals like is collecting pens of all shapes and sizes. Collectible fountain pens are quite wonderful because they are not only outstanding in their high quality make, but they are also very expensive. The Sheaffer 300 Fountain Pen is one beautiful addition to your fountain pen collection, and this pen’s value is definitely one to revere. This review will cover everything you need to know about this pen.

General Description

The Sheaffer 300 may seem simple at a glance, but there’s nothing simple or ordinary about it once you get to touch it. It’s really a marvelous work of art that’s very much worth being included in a collection or given as a beautiful gift. The cigar-shaped pen is perfectly comfortable to hold even after a long period of writing, and also very easy to grip because of its round shape. The signature wide band of Sheaffer is used to make this model more outstanding, and the White Dot symbol of quality can be found on its pen clip. This guarantees that the pen is a genuine model that’s not only luxurious in name, but also in make. The high-quality materials used to create this pen and the grandiose image that it possesses when it is seen by others make the Sheaffer 300 a pen worth collecting. It’s a marvelous addition to your fountain pen collection.


Unlike many other collectible fountain pens which only feature the name of the manufacturer and the aesthetic appeal of the exterior design, this pen has both quality appearance and performance. The writing ability of this pen is excellent and just perfect especially if you want to make a statement with every letter than you write it with. It’s perfect to use for signing checks and various important documents and files, and it’s also a perfect ornament in your front shirt pocket. It also has a beautiful nib that remains wet and you can write with it instantly – no more test writing or going back to your first letters to rewrite the missed ones. It also doesn’t dry out quickly so it’s always ready for writing. The ink, however, can be very expensive because it doesn’t last too long, making this pen inadvisable to use for everyday writing activities.


There are six color combinations which you can get from this model. The glossy black featuring gold tone trim is a classic color combination that’s perfectly elegant for any business person or professional. The straight line chased chrome featuring chrome plate trim is a nice shiny mix that makes your pen look very metal-like. The glossy black featuring chrome plate trim is like a black-and-silver mix that’s also extremely elegant and classy to look at. The glossy black barrel with chrome cap featuring chrome plate trim is another nice blend, but it has more chrome than black. The iridescent red barrel with chrome cap featuring chrome plate trim is an attractive combination of red and black swirls on one half of the shaft with a chrome finish for the other half. And the iridescent blue barrel with chrome cap featuring chrome plate trim is another very beautiful style that you can definitely be proud of. The iridescent blue color is a perfect addition to your fountain pen collection, and it’s also an outstanding hue that’s definitely perfect for making a unique statement.


Although there are a lot of collectible fountain pens, the Sheaffer 300 is one model that’s extremely remarkable despite its very affordable price. I highly recommend this model for all those who want to collect fountain pens or those who want to make a statement about themselves.

Source by Jacob Akshire