One of the most popular affiliate marketing networks on the Internet today is probably ClixGalore Affiliate Marketing. If you imagine a mall as big as Texas, that might begin to approach the size and selection available from the ClixGalore network. Made up of five primary networks, ClixGalore includes several thousand merchants and many more affiliates.

This is more than the average affiliate network – it's a provider of online advertising services around the world, and offers networks in Japan, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the US. This is affiliate heaven for any marketer or merchant looking for the next opportunity.

If you're a merchant who wants to join ClixGalore, you'll be happy to know there are no setup fees, no monthly fees, no yearly fees and no cost to join their membership, though there is a startup cost. This is usually about seventy-five dollars US, and is the opening account balance used to pay out affiliate commissions.

Merchants of every kind and type should take a look at this low cost business solution if they're hoping to make more and become better known online. Millions of advertisements go through ClixGalore, offering millions of potential customers a chance to see merchant sites.

Since ClixGalore is an affiliate network, merchants only pay commission to affiliate marketers if a lead converts to a paying customer. This kind of affiliate flexibility allows ClixGalore to be extremely profitable for both affiliate marketers and merchants, too.

One of ClixGalore's best features is their support for merchant URL search engine popularity. You can make use of this feature through the program edit page.

There are four unique recruitment levels in ClixGalore Affiliate Marketing, as well as many promotional services just for merchants.

That means that just about anyone can find the right package to fit their specific business and their budget. If you need to upgrade your package or membership at any point, you'll find it simple to do.

ClixGalore offers lots of features to merchants. As one of the most popular and biggest affiliate marketing networks out there, there are plenty of advantages to clixgalore. Think about all your options when you pick an affiliate network, but don't forget to include ClixGalore.

Source by Robert Holmes