If you are a veteran Clickbank affiliate who uses PPC to drive sales then I don’t need to tell you that winning the AdWords game takes a lot of trial & error and a lot of research. I’m sure you already know the importance of conversion tracking.

I’m sure you also know how few Clickbank products make it easy for affiliates to track their conversions. Sure some programs may do it if you contact them via EMail, but how many actually allow you to simply add your conversion tracking code to the end of your hoplink?

Recently a high paying Clickbank diet program added that feature which makes them a prime candidate for to be advertised via AdWords.

Using conversion tracking you can tell exactly which keywords and/or placements are making your sales (and definitely you should be involved in both the search and the content network.) Using the conversion ratios you can figure out which keywords & placements are worth continuing with and which ones need to be stopped.

For Example

The payout for this program is $50 per referral. If you have a 1% conversion rate with a specific keyword (for example “online diet”) then you be earning $50 for every 100 visitors you sent or 50 cents per visitor.

In this case you would need to be paying less than 50 cents per visitor in order to make a profit.

If you can get traffic on this keyword at only 25 cents per click then you would be making a 200% return. In other words, if you spent $500 on advertising you would make $1000 for a net profit of $500.

Source by Kayla Schwinner