Breast reduction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the Unites States, Canada, and Europe. Plastic surgery remains a highly popular treatment, yet the high cost, long and painful recovery period, and the many potential risks involved in such a surgery, drive many women to seek natural forms of breast reduction, specifically breast reduction pills.

There are various opinions as to the effectiveness of breast reduction pills. Many women swear by them (their testimonial’s are all over the internet) while others claim they aren’t effective and some even go as far as claiming these pills are scams.

What is the truth? Are Breast Reduction Pills a Scam or Do They Work?

There isn’t one definite answer. Breast reduction pills aren’t 100% effective. Nothing is. Anyone who’s promising something which works for 100% of women is plainly wrong. However, there are many accounts of women who have used certain breast reduction pills and had excellent results. I’m referring to the Alexia And Trima breast reduction pills. I don’t have any knowledge of any other brands of pills. That these pills have been used by many women is made plain by the testimonials they’ve written.

To call these pills a scam is an exaggeration. For those who tried one of them and got less than what they hoped for, these pills are scams. But for a woman who had great success with either Alexia or Trima, these pills are a godsend, not a scam.

Will these pills work for you?

No one can know that for sure before trying them out for a period. I suggest trying them out for 2 months at least to see if you’re getting results. What’s the worst that’s going to happen? You’ll have wasted 100$ on pills and now need to get a surgery which costs 4,000$ at least. But if they do work, you’d have saved 4,000$ and a lot of pain. Make up your mind if it’s worth a try.

Source by Jasmine Dawkins