Antivirus live (also called “Antivirus live platinum”) is actually a virus, a spyware if to be more exact. If you are lucky and reading this article before “catching” it just be careful not to get it in the future. If you already got it, you must remove it immediately. Not that simple mission though…

Lets start with what this virus can do to your PC. It’s harming your PC in several ways, it slows down your PC, shows you pop up ads (don’t click them of course!) and worst of all: it collects information about you and sends it to its creators.

How did you get it you ask?

1. Downloading stuff (movies/music etc) without a good and updated antivirus. This is actually always a bad idea, never download anything without some kind of protection.

2. You actually paid for this “Antivirus live platinum” thinking you are getting a cheap antivirus (sorry if this what happened, more then that, chances to get a refund is minimal – after all it is a scam).

3. You found it as a “free” download at least in this option you didn’t pay anything.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how you got this virus what you need now is to get rid of it immediately. If you have an Antivirus installed it’s probably not effective against this virus, like most other antivirus software.

One important thing to take under consideration is that the longer you wait, the greater the damage your PC will suffer. in some cases people report that their computer was totally destroyed and couldn’t even start. Don’t wait to the last moment, the minute you realise you got the Antivirus live platinum installed on your machine stop everything else that you are doing and remove it from your system.

Those of you who are “computer experts” and tried to remove it manually by deleting all the traces it leaves in the system (files, registry, DLLs, etc.) and failed don’t feel too bad, you are not alone, it is known that removing it is a very hard task, since in that aspect it does a great job in preventing an easy uninstall.

I would recommend reading this detailed post in the antivirus live platinum blog dedicated to eradicate this virus scam and eliminating it for good.

Source by Naren Wiggin