Antivira Antivirus, or simply 'Antivira AV', is more of the same rogue security software designed to try and trick frustrated PC users into paying for 'full protection'. When malware such as Antivira records your credit card number, you're potentially putting yourself at risk of stolen financial data, passwords, and eventually, identity theft. The same online thieves who coded the awful, intrusive, Antivirus.NET created this virus, which means we have got to get rid of Antivira Antivirus before serious damage to our PC and possibly our finances occurs.

You will know you require an Antivira removal when you encounter an error message such as the following: "Security Alert, Virus Alert!

Application can't be started! The file notepad.exe is damaged. Do you want to activate your antivirus software now? "

You may also see warning messages such as "Antivirus software alert, Infiltration alert. Your computer is being attacked by an Internet virus. It could be password-stealing attack, a trojan-dropper or similar." The fake warnings, fake alerts, and browser hijacks are all trying to scare you into purchasing the fake anti-virus software.

As you can see, it's extremely important that you delete Antivira Antivirus from your PC as quickly as possible. Nobody wants to be the next victim of financial theft or identity theft. The longer Antivira AV sits in your system, the longer it has to start causing havoc on your files and your PC.

So how do I remove Antivira AV?

To get rid of Antivira AV, you will either need an expert technician to help you removie it manually, or you'll need software to remove it automatically. Novices should not attempt manual removal, because a single registry error can cost you hundreds of dollars to fix. It's simply not worth the risk involved.

Having given that warning, if you are an IT expert, you will need to open your hidden system folders, particularly your HKEY_CURRENT_USER registry folder to remove corrupt files left from the program, you will then stop exe processes in the task bar, remove associated files and folders, and remove corrupt DLL and LNK files in your system folder. A full listing can be found at my resource.

What's the easiest way to remove Antivira AV right NOW?

That would have to be automatic removal software. I only recommend software that I use myself, and it has to be quick, clean, and guaranteed. The best part about the software that I use is that it not only boosts and cleans your PC, but it also protects your PC actively against the next batch of viruses that are released. No more Trojans installed without you knowing.

Tired of viruses threatening your safety? Remove Antivira with a few clicks and regain your fast, clean PC!

Source by Bob L Walker