No matter who the AdSense Publisher is, there is a temptation to click on the Ads that Google or other ad companies place on your website or blog. There can be a whole host of reasons why the articles are tempting to click on such as;

1. The ads look cool and have an interesting product

2. To check to see if the link is working

3. You think you can make money quick by clicking on your own ads.

In any of these scenarios, the company who published the ads on your website will view it as click FRAUD! You have to understand the way the company who is publishing the ad views it regardless of whether you tried to STEAL money through click fraud or just wanted to look at the ad. Advertisers spend money with these companies such as Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing, BING, MIVA and others to do 2 things…Increase brand awareness and MAKE MONEY!

If these advertisers are spending there money with these companies, they expect an ROI (Return on investment) just like you do when you buy a house or buy stocks in the stock market. Year ago many people were outraged by the conduct of a company called ENRON who were lying to investors and stock holders when they claimed they were making money and they were actually close to being broke and had inflated their balance sheets to fool people. In essence, these executives STOLE from their shareholders by committing fraud in this way.

Google and the other companies have a legal responsibility to protect their Brand and Investors from just such a thing…CLICK FRAUD! So next time you are tempted to CLICK for quick money, understand the consequences of your actions go far beyond just getting banned by these companies…you and others like you are stealing from other regular folks who have invested their hard earned money in their business and stock!

Source by Brian D Dale