There are several ways to make money online. One of them being Google’s AdSense program. This program allows you to place ads on your sites and make money when someone clicks on those ads. Well there are just as many ways to make money with AdSense are there are ways to make money online, but in this article, I want to give you a down and dirty plan that will have you making money with Google AdSense in no time.

First, you’ll need to find a software program that will allow you to do detailed keyword research. You’ll need to find a keyword that has a high cost per click average. There are many software programs online that will allow you to do this. Just do a search on any search engine to find them. Some of these will cost a few hundred dollars but your income from Google AdSense should cover that in no time.

Once you have found your keyword, you’ll just need to create one article around that keyword. You’ll need to make sure that your content totally focuses on this one keyword though. The reason being is that keyword will make high paying AdSense ads show up on your site. This is truly the key to making this plan work, so make sure that your article is totally focused on the keyword you chose.

If you’re not a writer try going to one of the freelance sites online and hire someone from there to write your article. For $5-$10 you can get a good article written that will totally be focused on your keyword. This will save you a lot of time and allow you to implement this plan over and over again quicker.

One last note about your article. The title of your article is also a very important part of your article. This needs to be something that will make people want to read your article. Almost like a headline that draws people’s attention, and in just a moment, I’ll explain why.

After you’ve gotten your article created, you’ll need to build a one page site and put your article on that site. You’ll then need to add your Google AdSense ads to your page. I recommend put a big square Google AdSense ad at the top of your page above your article, a skyscraper ad down the left hand side of your page, and then another big rectangle ad at the very bottom of your article.

Once your page is totally complete, you’ll then need to find forums that are related to the topic of your article. For example, if you wrote an article on horses, then you’d need to find forums related to animals. If you wrote an article on roses then you’d need to find a forum on plants or gardening. I hope you get the picture.

You’ll want to post in these forums and include your signature. Your signature will consist of the title of your article, and the link to your page where the article is. This is why the title of your article is so important. It’s what will make people click on your link and visit your page and have them clicking on your AdSense ads. That’s why it’s vital that your headline be a real attention getter.

As you make more and more posts in forums, more and more people will come to your site and click on your AdSense ads. When you’re not posting, create more pages by starting this entire plan all over again. You could do this for as many keywords as you want, and as time goes on, you’ll see your Google AdSense income building.

Source by Liz Tomey