Asking your partner to marry them should be a memorable experience, but what if you don’t have enough cash to hire a plane and pop the question in the clouds? If you’re feeling the pinch, but still looking for something a pretty special, then turning to the internet and social media may just be the solution. The internet provides a vast scope of opportunity when it comes to asking someone to stay with you forever, but by far the most difficult challenge when using the internet is to make the experience feel romantic. Face to face is by far the most romantic way to propose but with some extra effort and thought it can still be achieved. A romantic experience by definition can mean different things to different people, so weather you’re a pizza fanatic, love New York, brilliant at building WordPress sites, or have great persuasion skills, the internet may just be your key to rocking your partners world.

Create A Website

Build a website that holds all of the pictures and videos of your relationship together. Use it as a record of all your time together and as a special touch, make a video asking for their hand in marriage.

Get A Video To Go Viral

This could be a tricky one and you will need to be very inventive. You could specifically say in the video that if it finds it’s way back to your partner through social media, then you will ask for their hand in marriage. This might give other people more incentive to share it.


There are some really good gigs on Fiverr that you can use to ask for someones hand in marriage. Billboards are pretty popular. You could use someone with a billboard in New York or next to a famous landmark.

Status Update

If you’re in ownership of some epic persuasion skills then you could ask your partners favorite celebrity to pose the question via a status update on Facebook or Twitter.

Create an Game

Create an online game or android app that ends with you asking for their hand in marriage. You’re going to need some great programming skills for this, or you can use an app that incorporates a treasure hunt theme that they use it to track down the ring offline.

Create a Picture

Pictures are by far the most shared thing on the internet. You could create one seriously funny marriage proposal picture and get it to go viral.

QR Code

Create a really cool QR code that they can scan. You could set one up in your local pub so they had no idea that it was related to marriage.

Use a Band

Pay a band to record a video and get them to devote a song to your loved one. Right at the end you could get them to tell your partner that you have a question to ask you.

Video Star

More persuasion skills needed here. Get your partners favorite celebrity to upload a video message asking them to marry you.

Surprise Delivery

If your partner orders products online regularly, ask the company to create a special package to send next time as a surprise. If you’re looking for really cheap idea, then why not ask you’re local pizza delivery service. Whilst not the most romantic experience ever, no one is ever about to forget the time the pizza delivery boy delivered a love pizza with a ring in whilst singing your favorite love song.

Facebook Ads

Set up a Facebook page asking your partner to marry u with a unique cover and logo. Then create an advert to be displayed to her/him. You will need to advertise using only friends of friends and then narrow the advert down to your partners age group and sex so that they have every chance of seeing it.

Start Blogging

Create a blog style story and get it published in an online magazine or newspaper. The story will need to be interesting enough to read as an article though. Maybe if you met in interesting circumstances or your partner has done something amazing with their life then you can tell their story over the media waves, popping the question right at the end.

There are many ways that you can ask someone to marry them over the internet. The best part is that the cost can be kept to a minimum; however to make something truly amazing and memorable, you’re going to need a mixture of average tech skills, a bit of cash, and one seriously inventive personality. If you do happen to be a fledging in all these departments, then fear not, put a list together of your most useful friends and revert back to this list. We’re sure that one of you’re friends at the very least will have a skill that matches one of the above ideas: failing that, who doesn’t love pizza?

Source by Lydia J T